If you would like to know more about the original 'S'-Type be sure and visit the Jaguar 'S'-Type Register where you can find information and stories about these great cars and their owners.  Its the ultimate 'S'-Type website.

The purpose of ths site is to share information, thoughts and images of our 1965 Jaguar 3.8 S-Type  (Chassis # 1B53255DN), and other interesting old small Jaguar saloons.  My hope is that others with similar cars and interests might contact us and share their experiences.  My car is in pretty good shape, but there are lots of things I'd like to do to improve its looks and performance.  I'll share those adventures as time goes on.  We've had the car since February, 2009...but most of what we've done has been in cleaning the car up and fixing the little things.  The trunk lid had posed a bit of trouble for the previous owner, but we cleaned up the latches and it closes fine now.  We decided early on to convert the car to negative ground - a simple procedure, but one that required buying a new negative ground fuel pump.  Lots of little things need attention: dried out gaskets, brittle rubber trim and hoses, etc.  The carburetors leak - so a rebuild kit was ordered.  We will be flushing the radiator and replacing the hoses (most of which look almost new, but are decades old and brittle).  We'll be bleeding the brakes to get as much of the old fluid out as possible, and slowly replace as many edgy items with newer stuff as time and our wallets allow.  It should be fun.

The exterior paint looks decent (but has some flaws) and the interior was nicely restored.  The engine looks mostly unmolested, but we do know it had head work (30 year old receipts) in the past.  It runs really nice, but will need the carbs rebuilt soon.  Notice the battery is now negative ground.


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